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Wage and Hour

With some of the toughest wage and hour laws in the country, California is a battleground for wage and hour litigation in both state and federal court. In recent years, nearly half of the wage and hour cases filed in the U.S. have been in California. Our attorneys are particularly adept at defending class and representative actions related wage and pay matters in state and federal court, as well as arbitrations.

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Alert: Court Decision Changes Pay Rules for On-Call Employees

The Court of Appeal in California just published an opinion that threatens to change how employers structure on-call duties.

Contradicting long-settled precedent that on-call time need not be paid unless an employee’s activities are unduly restricted, the Court in Ward v. Tilly’s, Inc. held that if an employer requires an on-call employee to check in by phone or text, such employee must be paid for at least half his or her regular hours at the regular rate of pay – even when no work is available.

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